Biden vaxxes all current citizens, future generations, and a few dead people

Credit: Di Demetrio Cosola on Wikimedia

After campaigning on a vow to get the COVID-19 pandemic under control, President Joe Biden has successfully gotten the vaccination “into the arms” of not only all current U.S. citizens, but also all their future progeny and several deceased ancestors.

“It’s the most successful multi-generational vaccine campaign in history,” said Biden. “Trump didn’t have a plan to eradicate this disease; we knew all along that we would have to vaccinate people who weren’t currently alive in order to end it.” 

Asked why he didn’t share his plan with the former administration if he knew it would be so effective, Biden explained, “I wanted him to figure it out for himself. He’s never going to learn if he doesn’t learn to think for himself.”

After his success on the COVID front, Biden says he will cure not only all current diseases, but also those not even created in labs yet.