Neil Young releases new album praising Kent State Police

PC: Ross Belot on Flickr,

After decades of protesting stuffy and domineering old codgers, stuffy and domineering old codger Neil Young has penned a new album dedicated to respecting authority. 

The name of the new record is “Complete and Utter Lack of Self-awareness,” and it’s available on Spotify. 

Editor’s note: Evidently, it is no longer available on Spotify, as some unpleasantness has transpired between Young and the Spotify shareholders, who supposedly want to make money. The record can now be found on all music platforms that have canceled all the good artists. 

Along with the first single, “Those Four Shouldn’t Have Resisted,” the album also boasts several songs devoted to going along with the crowd, obeying your superiors, and believing everything the government tells you. 

The record also contains an enigmatic song entitled “Northern Man,” about some crazy rebel from New Jersey who became the world’s biggest podcaster by letting other people express differing viewpoints. Young could not be reached for comment, but some listeners suspect that the song may be based on a real person who got the better of him.