Crazed Ottowa protester throws herself under police horse hooves

PC: Ronnie Macdonald on Flickr

In the latest in a series of bizarre actions on the part of Canada’s Freedom Convoy protesters, an elderly woman rushed a mounted police officer, threw herself under his horse, and began bludgeoning herself with the animal’s hooves.

According to Ottawa authorities, a peace officer was riding down the street, throwing candy to children, when an old woman on a Harley Davidson intentionally drove her bike into his horse. Despite her age and obvious frailty, she reportedly threw her motorcycle at the officer atop the animal, then stabbed him with the Confederate flag she was carrying. She then slid under the startled animal, grasped its hooves, and began trampling herself with them.

Ottawa has recently been plagued by several similar incidents, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decrying the violence rampant among the protesters. He complained that whereas BLM protests of years past had been “fiery, but mostly peaceful,” this one “has been non-fiery and oddly devoid of looting, but full of violent words like “freedom.’”