Biden inadvertently grabs wrong paper, reads Trump’s 2020 SOTU

PC: Gage Skidmore on flickr

In his latest endearing gaffe, President Joe Biden accidentally gave former president Donald Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address, instead of his own carefully prepared original.

Long known for unwittingly reappropriating any intellectual property not bolted down, Biden seemed unaware of his latest plagiarism faux pas, and Press Secretary Jen Psaki later confirmed that it was as unintentional as everything else illegal that he does.

Biden began by taking credit for every positive event that had even transpired in United States history, a talking point for which Trump was famous. However, due to the fact that it has also been used by virtually every other politician in office, listeners did not initially realize they had heard the speech previously.

However, the next portion of the speech immediately caused confusion, as most of his promises involved historically right-wing talking points. After years of hearing the opposite from him, onlookers seemed baffled as Biden spoke of the importance of funding the police, securing the borders, keeping production local, and avoiding harmful COVID restrictions that would destroy businesses and disrupt learning. 

Their confusion turned to outright bafflement as he continued Trump’s speech, talking about the dangers of inflation, admitting that inflation in fact exists, is not “good,” and just might have something to do with the Federal Reserve (although he seemed uncertain about what that mysterious relationship might be).

Biden did not seem to notice anything amiss, as he confidently finished what he evidently still thought was his own speech. And in a show of charity, his fellow party members played along and feigned agreement with every word he said.