Psaki leaves D.C. comedy gig for MSNBC soap opera role

PC: State Department on Flickr

After years of playing straight person to the dynamic comedy duo of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Jen Psaki is reportedly pursuing a more serious acting job on soap opera channel MSNBC. 

“She worried she’d be typecast as the comedic foil if she didn’t branch out,” revealed a source. “Like everyone who stars in a slapstick comedy, she knew she’d have to take on darker roles if she wanted people to see her as a multifaceted actress. MSNBC offered her the chance to do something over-the-top and melodramatic.”

Psaki is reportedly slated to play a villain on the network, which is known for featuring few, if any, sympathetic figures on its shows. 

“Jen is obviously going to play someone evil and devious,” commented the source. “MSNBC doesn’t really do any other kind of role. The question is just if she’s going to be merely unlikable, or a full-fledged lunatic.” 

She finished, “With Rachel Maddow leaving, there is really room for either now. Previous secretaries, like Ari Fleischer, have shown the sky is the limit when it comes to taking on the ‘scheming villain’ role.”