Biden insists existence of son “Hunter” is Russian disinformation

PC: Gage Skidmore on Flickr

President Joe Biden faced yet another smear campaign from Russian sympathizers this week, as conspiracy theorists spread bizarre rumors that he had a mysterious prodigal son, purportedly named “Hunter.”

A clearly exasperated Biden shot down the ludicrous claims from Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, who has already infamously spent the last year and a half claiming knowledge about a fictitious electronic device called a “laptop.” 

Biden has repeatedly explained that laptops are a myth and a figment of conservatives’ imagination, but news outlets such as the New York Post have maintained that such an object exists. And this week, Doocy began to make wild assertions that not only has he himself seen this curious invention, but that it contains damning information about a wayward child of Biden’s, whom he calls “Hunter.”

Sources say that Doocy’s increasingly ridiculous accusations have authorities concerned about his mental state, and Biden has apparently requested that he be taken to a reeducation camp “for both his own safety and that of the American people.”