Real Housewives of D.C. Casts Melania Trump

Years after the cancellation that shocked all six loyal viewers of the show, The Real Housewives of D.C. has been rebooted with a caliber of cast members that might bring in a larger audience. First Lady Melania Trump will join Second Lady Karen Pence, Jane Sanders (wife of senator Bernie Sanders) and Iris Weinshall (wife of senator Chuck Schumer) in a season intended to usher in a warmer feel than the more combative version of the past.

The combination of the two most honest portrayals of modern society–reality television and politics–seemed like a guaranteed juggernaut when creators introduced the idea of a D.C. Housewives franchise a decade ago. However, the audience never seemed to develop the fondness for the cast that producers expected. So for this new round, executives insisted on recruiting a group that brought together wives of Republican and Democratic politicians in their trademark display of bipartisan solidarity.

Asked about the decision, producers explained that the earlier Housewives franchises relied on the bickering, contentious nature of the populace at the time. However, due to the peace brought about by the unifying 2016 presidential election, viewers have apparently begun to prefer a more tranquil cast. With the introduction of the members of the GOP East Wing and some of their liberal counterparts, the revamped Real Housewives of D.C. promises a more relaxing viewing experience for today’s commonly bipartisan audience.

When we interviewed Mrs. Trump, she gushed, “Our husbands always just got along so well that I think this seemed like a natural move. This is a way to extend their friendliness from Twitter into our homes.” Clearly, it will be spreading into homes across the country as well.