CNN+ and Netflix found in discount bin at Goodwill

PC: Mike Mozart on Flickr

Every so often, a thrift store devotee is sure to stumble onto a rare and fascinating find. And one patron of the Goodwill shop in Atlanta, Georgia was elated to find two in one bin.

“I was just looking for some old magazines for a school project,” says Christian Malazando, a local teacher. “And among all the other junk, I spotted some paperwork that was on CNN letterhead. 

“Right away, I was amazed when I saw it was a legal document conferring ownership of CNN+. And I was even more shocked when, right below it, I saw a similar certificate for Netflix.”

Malazando notes, “They obviously weren’t good for anything educational, and they don’t have any monetary value. But they have kitsch appeal, you know?”

Although Malazando says he had the documents appraised at a local pawn shop, just in case he underestimated their worth, the hope was predictably in vain. Unfortunately, he says the owner assured him that “nobody in their right mind would pay good money to own either one.”