Home Culture Bette Midler advises blind people to “try seeing”

Bette Midler advises blind people to “try seeing”

Bette Midler advises blind people to “try seeing”
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After the unanimously positive response to her suggestion that women unable to procure baby formula should “try breastfeeding,” life coach Bette Midler has continued to dish out free tips.

Immediately after she gave the recommendation about breastfeeding, a blind fan responded to Midler and asked for help with his ailment. And following her advice that he should simply “try seeing,” fans experiencing other physical difficulties began contacting Midler and asking for help.

One writer asked for hints to deal with his double leg amputee status, and she offered the advice, “Try having legs.” A man whose nose had been bitten off in a bar fight was told to “try growing one,” and Midler proposed that a woman who was unable to have children due to her hysterectomy “try giving birth.”

Midler did acknowledge that not all physical problems could be overcome with sheer effort, however. When one fan asked her for singing tips, Midler typed back in obvious anger, “Most people just don’t have the ability to become great singers. You’re never going to make it in this business, and you should stop trying.”