Genius wins Facebook debate with unprecedented 237 laugh reacts


In an online debate that had witnesses glued to their computer screens, a competitive keyboard warrior pulled out a breathtaking win with a record-breaking 237 laughing emoji reactions. Anonymous sources report that his opponent left his computer in tears, but online witnesses across the globe apparently stood up and clapped. 

Although the exact identity of the champion is unknown due to a suspected incognito account and profile picture, analysts believe he is a male between the ages of 30 and 40 with greasy hair, likely wearing some sort of SJW t-shirt. Facebook executives are requesting that anybody with clues to his identity contact them so they can buy him a soy latte and shake his buttery soft hand. 

The debate itself was apparently so mesmerizing that numerous lurkers spent upwards of seven “working” hours following it, with losses of productivity measured at exactly zero, because that’s the normal amount of time they spend online at work anyway.