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Sharpie revealed to be more convincing than Deepfake

Sharpie revealed to be more convincing than Deepfake

Since the Trump administration was rocked by revelations of Sharpie usage, authorities have been scrambling to determine if the illusory pen may have been used in other instances beyond the White House. Visual courtroom evidence, dating profile pictures, and Pinterest craft photos are all considered to be suspect, and experts warn that nobody should believe their own eyes any longer.

The scandal began when an anonymous tipster alerted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that Trump’s Hurricane Dorian map may have been altered. Agents initially ignored the accusation, as no modification was apparent to the naked eye. But upon detailed inspection,  eagle-eyed analysts determined that the map had indeed been revised. 

Due to the skillful manipulation, authorities originally believed it had been accomplished using Deepfake. However, forensic Sharpie experts examined the document and determined that the pen was responsible for the changes. Furthermore, they discovered that the quality of the work exceeded that of the Deepfake technique.

Considering the wide availability of Sharpie markers, authorities warn that nobody is safe from the deception. They are currently examining photographic and video evidence from criminal trials to determine if the Sharpie has been responsible for any false convictions or acquittals. However, they warn that they are unable to examine private dating app photos and other online pictures, and individuals need to be aware that they can no longer believe quite everything total strangers tell them.