Snopes rates New York Times as “woke, and that’s all that matters”

In a rare move for the selective fact-checkers at Snopes, they recently bestowed upon the entire New York Times–including all past, present, and future articlestheir highest possible honor. Considered far superior to the “true” rating, the “woke, and that’s all that matters” label puts the publication above lesser news outlets that merely report the bare facts.

And both Times and Snopes readers gave the rating their own seal of approval.

“It’s about time the paper that tells me everything I want to hear got some credit,” said one fan. “I’ve tried everything from Occupy Democrats to MSNBC, and this is the first source that has laid the liberal bias on thickly enough to warrant this award.”

Another news junkie agreed, “The Times is even better than The Washington Post. Sometimes the Post lets people who have opinions I don’t like express them. It’s literally violence. And everybody knows violence is bad.”

While accepting his trophy, Executive Editor Dean Baquet modestly protested, “My shameless bias is nothing special in today’s journalism world. I just do it for way more money.”