“Let them eat cookies,” Kamala suggests upon hearing of bread shortage in border camps

Photo by Adam Schultz on flickr

After being told that food was scarce in the luxury migrant camps along the southern border, immigration policy expert Kamala Harris used her trademark compassion to solve the problem immediately.

Sources from Li’l Commie Bakery in San Diego confirmed that Harris contacted them earlier today, requesting that three dozen cookies be sent to the facilities. They noted that it would take several days to complete the project, as Harris naturally expected that any food she donated be painstakingly crafted in her image. 

“It will be worth the wait,” the bakery owner assured our reporter. “All 36 people in those shelters will be more than satisfied when they finally get their food.”

Upon being told by a Daily Wire correspondent on the scene that the shelters were actually housing 3,600 people, the owner seemed amused and quickly corrected him.

“This isn’t the Trump administration,” she chuckled. “We don’t have thousands of hungry people stuck at the border living in cages anymore. Three dozen Kamala cookies will definitely cover it.”